Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Video: Virginia Berasategui Luna admits doping referring to high demands in sport and psychological pressure

Former Ironman Hawaii Triathlon bronze medalist Virginia Berasategui Luna admits doping. In a press conference held on Wednesday she referred to immense "psychological pressure" and "high demands" the sport of triathlon puts on her. Berasategui, who planned to end her career in 2013 was caught on 18 May 2013 in a competition testing in Bilbao, Spain. EPO, the banned substance was found the second time during her career. But a positive finding in 2005 at Ironman Lanzarote was declared not valid, due issues with transportation and cooling.

Video: Deia Noticias de Bizkaia

 "I'm sad to end my career like this, but I'm glad I made the decision to confront the reality of things, tell the truth. I have decided that I won't appeal because I know my guilt. I could have tried to move on, look for external causes, but why? I've decided to face the truth, because life goes on and I continue to be open and honest."

Regarding her peer group, she showed sorrow and asked for "forgiveness from all the people who I've cheated, especially those people who have always believed in me. My sponsors, institutions, all athletes, amateur and professionals. I know my act of weakness has been great but it comforts me to think that there are many people that despite the action that I made, the first victim I am myself, forgive me. I'm here to stand up and apologize. Throughout my career I have spent hundreds of controls and has always been clear that I played fair. Now, at the end of my career, I have fallen in the worst mistake in which an athlete can fall."

Berasategui Luna dealt long term during her career with lower leg and feet issues. Berasategui Luna is  one of the few pros in triathlon, that is not taking every possible legal action against a positive A-sample. The last notable name, who admitted right on her positive testing was Nina Kraft from Germany, who cheated during Ironman Hawaii 2004.

Comment: Do I like this confession? Nay, because...

.... some things are missing. Positive first. A big plus is the early confession, that relivies every stakeholder from legal proceedings. What I personally miss is a clear confession with estimated time ranges, when doping started. I'm not sure, if "at the end of my career" satisfies me. I'm demanding this, because the flowery phrase "hundreds of controls and has always been clear" unleashes some alarm bells. Usually this or similar phrases indicated in the past, that one is not willing to give a full statement like "I did not doped from time range A to B." Also missing are some words on the network behind. What about supply chain and supporters?