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Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Research: Exercise, Nutrition & The Brain

A recent study conducted by Romain Meussen from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Department of Human Physiology) published some key findings in Sports Science Exchange.
Romain Meussen's team does research on exercise, nutriation and brain development and brain maintenaince. Photo: Vimeo Creative Commons
"Physical activity has been associated with the reduction of a number of physical and mental disorders. There is now ample evidence that physical activity will decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease, colon and breast cancer and obesity, but also diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression and anxiety (Gómez-Pinilla, 2011; Van Praag, 2009). A number of large, prospective and cross-sectional observational studies find that the dietary profile benefiting cognitive function with aging contains weekly servings (2 - 5) of fish and multiple daily servings of cereals, darkly or brightly colored fruits and leafy vegetables (Parrott & Greenwood, 2007). Both diet and exercise have therefore been used as interventions to reverse the possible negative effect of ageing in brain function. This paper will describe how exercise and nutrition can influence brain development, brain  performance and cognition"

Key Findings
  • Exercise and nutrition can influence brain development in youth.
  • Exercise and nutrition can slow down and reverse cognitive decline in the elderly.
  • Exercise and nutrition influences brain health through several mechanisms that create new neurons (neurogenesis). 
  • Fatigue during exercise can reside in the brain.
  • Nutritional interventions may influence the occurrence of “central or brain fatigue” during exercise. 

  1. Sports Science Exchange (2013) Vol. 26, No. 112, 1-6