Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

LIVE: IRONMAN Austria Klagenfurt

More than 3.000 participants, a fast swim with 43' swim splits by Bart Colpaert 42:54, Igor Amorelli 44:21 G. Molnár 44:22, Philipp Graves 44:23, Andreas Raelert 44:25,  Franz Höfer 44:55 Alun Woodward 45:00, Maik Twelsiek 45:05,  Thiago Vinhal 45:08 and Jarmo Hast 45:09. Follow all the action with video (from 2pm), photo and text updates on A 2013 race replay is available.
2013 IRONMAN Austria with video, photo and text updates. Screenshot: World Triathlon Corporation