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Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2013

Nestlé is considering sale of its PowerBar brand as part of the Nestlé Performance Nutrition division, Reuters reported exclusively

According to Reuters, world's largest food company Nestlé (NESN.VX) is considering the sale of global leading sports nutrition specialist PowerBar. Nestlé declined any comments, while Reuters refers to internal sources. With an estimated $175 million annual revenue the behemoth of sports and active lifestyle nutrition may have been to small to fit properly into Nestlé's mass market brands with billions of revenue, large facilities and complex processes. 175 million is just about 1.7 percent of the $10.4 billion that Nestlé’s nutritional division generates on an annual basis.

PowerBar is partnerd with events like Tour de France, Berlin Marathon, IRONMAN and thousands of teams or individual athletes. Screenshot: 
PowerBar was bought in 2000 from California based founder Brian Maxwell of Canada for an undisclosed amount. Media refer up to $375 million payment. Global headquarters are located in Florham Park, New Jersey (USA), European HQ is based in Munich (Germany). Frank Jimenez, Global Head of Nestlé Performance Nutrition serves currently as c-level head of the PowerBar division as well, succeeding Richard Laube (Head of Nestlé Nutrition) and Philip Arnett (CEO PowerBar).