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Mittwoch, 13. März 2019

Mike Reily presents his book: Finding My Voice. Tales from Ironman, the World's Greatest Endurance Event

Mike Reilly's “Finding My Voice: Tales from Ironman, the World's Greatest Endurance Event” isn't a sports record book, it isn't a professional athletes shadowing book. It's all of them but mostly a book with 30+ years experience and memories from the finishline of various long and shorter distance triathlon races around the world.
Mike Reilly digged from more than 30 years of memories many storues from the finish lines around the globe and from IRONMAN Hawaii, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Photo: Steeplechase Entertainment Corporation

Mike the “Voice of IRONMAN” Reilly was finish line speaker of over 180 IRONMAN events, including 30 straight years of the World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. More than 350,000 athletes have heard his iconic pronouncement, “You are an IRONMAN!” as they crossed the finish line. Now it's time to listen to all the great stories and memories Mike shares with written text and great photos. Don#t have a present for a passionate athlete yet? Now you might have.

What athletes have to say:
“Every day for six months of training before Kona, as I visualized crossing the finish line, I didn't see an image, I just heard the sound of Mike Reilly's voice declaring, 'Sean Astin, you are an IRONMAN!' Just the thought of the sound of Mike's voice, saying those words, in that way, at that time, was the beacon that kept me going.” Sean Astin, actor-producer-director 
“Whether it's on race day or getting to the start line, nobody finishes an IRONMAN without a personal struggle. Mike Reilly does a masterful job of showing us why those struggles are so worth it in the end.” Mirinda Carfrae, 3 x IRONMAN world champion 
“As I hit the top of the finish ramp I heard that amazing voice and those unbelievable words, 'Hines are an IRONMAN!' Like the touchdown pass I caught to win the 2005 Super Bowl, hearing Mike Reilly declare me an IRONMAN was one of the greatest moments of my life.” Hines Ward, Super Bowl XL MVP 
“No one knows the Ironman spirit better than Mike Reilly, having witnessed firsthand countless athletes come through the finish line. This is a passionate and inspiring book that will mark the beginning of the journey for tens of thousands more.” Lionel Sanders, 2017 ITU world championship, 4 x IRONMAN champion 
“The voice and passion of Mike Reilly bringing you home lifts you up and fulfills dreams for a lifetime. You'll love discovering what's behind that passion in this book.” Dave McGillivray, Boston Marathon Race Director/DMSE Sports
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Dienstag, 11. September 2018

Amazon to be the official 2018 title sponsor and sports nutrition ecommerce platform for Ironman Hawaii Triathlon

Amazon, the 2nd company in the World with a USD trillion market cap will be the official 2018 title sponsor and sports nutrition ecommerce and retail platform for 40th Ironman Hawaii Triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

"Official Sports Nutrition Retailer" for the "Ironman World Championship brought to you by Amazon" is the actual wording listed on WTC's (World Triathlon Corporation) website. The first 53" video commercial with lead announcer Mike "The Voice of Ironman" Reilly is published on Twitter recently.

The commercial could serve as a stylish weak-up call for some sports nutrition, sports retail companies and an additional proof of Amazon's willingness to develop the sports category on their platform not only with products of the Amazon Basics portfolio in the sports clothing sub-category.

Presse release World Triathlon Corporation (WTC):

IRONMAN selects Amazon as the Official Sports Nutrition Retailer of the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship taking place on Saturday, Oct. 13

TAMPA, Fla. (Sept. 10, 2018) – IRONMAN, a Wanda Sports Holdings company, is excited to team up with Amazon as the title sponsor of the 2018 IRONMAN® World Championship and Official Sports Nutrition Retailer of the iconic triathlon event that will take place on Saturday, October 13 in Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i. The collaboration will provide participants access to a vast selection of nutrition products, including items from IRONMAN official nutrition partners CLIF Bar and Gatorade, available to athletes looking to prove ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE® on the sports largest stage.

“We are thrilled to announce we’ve teamed up with Amazon,” said Matthieu Van Veen, Chief Revenue Officer for IRONMAN. “The IRONMAN World Championship is the most iconic endurance event in the world and this collaboration with Amazon as we celebrate our 40th anniversary will provide athletes globally with direct access to sports nutrition products that help them reach the pinnacle of the sport.”

The demand for sports performance and wellness products are at an all-time high. The world’s best athletes will have access to a wide range of optimal products located conveniently all in one place at, helping them reach their peak performance goals.

The vast array of products available in the IRONMAN World Championship store within the Amazon Sports Nutrition shopping experience will include third party certified supplement products, which will help athletes reduce the risks that are often associated with supplement use. IRONMAN encourages all athletes to know and understand their rights and responsibilities with regard to anti-doping policy and procedure and to be aware of what they are putting in their body.

Live race coverage of the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship brought to you by Amazon will be available on Oct. 13, 2018 in the United States on NBC Sports platforms and on and globally via IRONMAN NOW on Facebook Watch –

IRONMAN World Championship

Since its inception in 1978 on the island of Oahu, the IRONMAN World Championship has etched its name in history through stellar performances, inspirational participants and emotional memories. In 1981, the race moved from the tranquil shores of Waikiki to the barren lava fields of Kona on the Island of Hawai`i where it continues to take place to this day. The race now sees over 2,400 athletes embark on a 140.6-mile journey that presents the ultimate test of body, mind and spirit to earn the title of IRONMAN World Champion. The most iconic one-day sporting event in the world is the culmination of 40 global IRONMAN events with athletes around the world striving for one of the coveted qualifying slots.


As part of Wanda Sports Holdings, the IRONMAN Group operates a global portfolio of events that includes the IRONMAN® Triathlon Series, the IRONMAN® 70.3® Triathlon Series, 5150™ Triathlon Series, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series®, Iron Girl®, IRONKIDS®, International Triathlon Union World Triathlon Series races, road cycling events including the UCI Velothon® Series, mountain bike races including the Absa Cape Epic®, premier marathons including the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, trail running like Ultra-Trail Australia™, and other multisport races. IRONMAN’s events, together with all other Wanda Sports Holdings events, provide more than a million participants annually the benefits of endurance sports through the company’s vast offerings. The iconic IRONMAN® Series of events is the largest participation sports platform in the world. Since the inception of the IRONMAN® brand in 1978, athletes have proven that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE® by crossing finish lines at the world’s most challenging endurance races. Beginning as a single race, IRONMAN has grown to become a global sensation with more than 230 events across 53 countries. For more information, visit

About Wanda Sports Holdings

Wanda Sports Holdings is the world’s leading sports business entity, founded to capture the opportunities in the global sports industry and to contribute to the prosperous international sports landscape – in three key areas: 1) Spectator Sports (media & marketing business), 2) Participation Sports (active lifestyle business), 3) Services (digital, production and service business). Wanda Sports Holding incorporates the international sports marketing company Infront Sports & Media, the iconic endurance brand IRONMAN, and Wanda Sports China. The headquarters are in Guangzhou, China.

Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

ACTIVE Network Powers the 2013 GoPro IRONMAN World Championship as theExclusive Global Registration Partner and IRONMAN Sponsor

The ACTIVE Network, Inc. (NYSE: ACTV), the leader in cloud-based Activity and Participant Management™ (APM) solutions, prepares its journey to Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i to support more than 2,000 athletes competing for the coveted GoPro® IRONMAN® World Championship title on Saturday, October 12.

Earlier this year, IRONMAN expanded its relationship with ACTIVE Network, as the Official Registration Partner and Official Global Sponsor of IRONMAN through 2015.ACTIVE Network now provides global back-end support on a single technology platform, which will power registrations in more than 10 different languages and currencies for more than 190 IRONMAN events across five unique brands worldwide: IRONMAN, IRONMAN 70.3®, 5150™ Triathlon Series, Iron Girl® and IronKids®.

"ACTIVE Network is honored and humbled to have the trust of IRONMAN, and we're dedicated to continually evolving our technology to support the growth of endurance events, large and small," said Eric McCue, Vice President and General Manager, ACTIVE Network Endurance. "We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our partners to help us better understand their needs, and those of their participants, in order to provide the right tools and insights for their events."

As an Official Global Sponsor of IRONMAN, ACTIVE Network will air its first-ever commercial online and on television. The 30-second spot will air during the GoPro IRONMAN World Championship live webcast ( on October 12, then via television broadcast during the GoPro IRONMAN World Championship NBC Special on Saturday, November 16 at 4:30 p.m. ET. In addition, ACTIVE Network will cheer on two of its own employees who will participate in the GoPro IRONMAN World Championship, joining the ACTIVE Network ranks of more than 30 people who have earned the IRONMAN at races over the years. Finally, the beloved Voice of IRONMAN since 1989, IRONMAN Hall of Famer, and ACTIVE Network Vice President, Mike Reilly will welcome athletes as they cross the finish line and become an IRONMAN at the 2013 GoPro IRONMAN World Championship with his famous words, "You are an IRONMAN" as the capstone of the IRONMAN experience.

About ACTIVE Network
ACTIVE Network is the leading provider of Activity and Participant Management™ solutions. Our technology platform makes managing and operating all types of activities, events and organizations smarter and more efficient. We power over 55,000 global customers and build leading vertical technology applications for the markets we serve. Our leading ACTIVE Works cloud platform scales with our customers, large and small. ACTIVE Networkwas founded in 1999, is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has offices worldwide. For more information, please visit : or follow us on Twitter @ACTIVENetwork.

Freitag, 23. September 2011

Roboter als Triathlet, schafft Evolta den Ironman Hawaii?

Am 24. Oktober 2011, wenige Wochen nach dem Ironman Hawaii Triathlon soll Panasonics Roboter Evolta ganz im Stil der bekannten rosafarbenen Spielfiguren im Häschenkostüm zeigen, was ihn im steckt. Die Originalstrecke des Ironman Hawaii soll der kleine grün-weiße Kollege mit aufladbaren AA-Batterien packen. 2008 kletterte Evolta bereits den Grand Canyon in den USA hinauf, 2009 trumpfte er auf dem Parcours des 24-Stunden Rennens von Le Mans auf und letztes Jahr wanderte er ganze 450 Kilometer zwischen Tokio und dem Kaisersitz, den Tokaido-Pfad entlang.
Drei wackere kleine weiß-grüne Roboter sollen in 7 Tagen den Ironman Hawaii Triathlon auf Big Island schaffen. Photo: Panasonic
2011 soll Evolta die 230 Kilometer lange Ironman-Strecke auf Big Island bewältigen und begibt sich damit das erste Mal für längere Zeit in Salzwasser. Evolta-Erfinder Tomotaka Takahashi bezeichnete gegenüber der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters das Workout als Herausforderung. Evolta werde unterwegs auf viele Hindernisse wie Wellengang, Steigungen, Unebenheiten und große Hitze und Wind treffen. "Ich hoffe, dass wir diese überwinden werden."
Genau genommen nehmen jedoch drei Evolta-Roboter teil, ein Drilling wenn man so will. Für jede Triathlon-Disziplin sind die Drei speziell ausgerüstet. Das Zeitlimit ist anders beim Original Anfang Oktober statt mit 17 Stunden mit satten 168 Stunden Zeit großzügig bemessen. Eine volle Woche, in der die drei Evolta-Roboter den Weg bis zum Alii Drive schaffen. "You are an Ironman", die Stimme von Mike Reilly wird dabei sicherlich nicht aus den Lautsprecherboxen dröhnen. Schafft Evolta den Ironman Hawaii? Wenn er das Schwimmen packt, Ja!