Dienstag, 26. Juli 2016

All six Russian triathletes, who qualified for 2016 Olympic Triathlon will represent Russia in Rio

According to International Triathlon Union (ITU) all six qualified triathletes are eligible to race including Alexander Bryukhankov, Dmitry Polyanski, Igor Polyanski, Anastasia Abrosimova, Alexandra Razarenova and Mariya Shorets. ITU'S reasoning:

"ITU has carefully examined the information delivered by WADA and the McLaren report. Additionally, ITU has thoroughly reviewed the criteria set forth by the IOC on Sunday for Russian athletes to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics. None of the six Russian triathletes (three men, three women) that have qualified for 2016 Olympics are included in the McLaren report, nor have any of them served suspensions or bans for failed doping tests. Additionally, they have all been tested outside of Russia. Therefore, ITU will recommend to the IOC that these six athletes be permitted to compete in Rio next month. 
ITU remains steadfast in our commitment to providing athletes a fair competition. We will continue to closely follow the updates from the McLaren report, as well as recommendations from WADA and the IOC on best practices in the fight against doping."