Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

2016 Olympic Games without Triathlon Mixed Relay, chances for 2020

The International Olympic Comitee (IOC) is not adding any new sports or disciplines to the 2016 Rio games. Olympic movement insists - as of now - on total amount of athletes, events and medals. Triathlon Mixed Relay will not happen in 2016, chances are still for inaugural relay events in 2020 or 2024. 

Video: ITU Media

IOC president Jacques Rogge told Insidethegames details on this dissapointing decisions for all participants  in current process:

"We are bound by other things in the charter that says there can only be 28 sports, 10,500 athletes and approximately 300 events," he told reporters on a conference call.

"We have written to the federations with a request to make proposals that are quota neutral.
"This means federations can make a proposal for a new discipline but the premise is that another discipline will be taken out of the Games so as not to increase the number of athletes or the number of medals.

"Federations have expanded over the request – they have asked for more athletes, more events and more medals.

"We decided not to inflate the Games and we will not accommodate for more events now for 2016.

"There will be a new study of the Olympic programme based on disciplines rather than on sports.

Update 11.07.2013: ITU President Marisol Casado in an exclusive interview with Duncan Mackay from Please see second link below.