Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Play the Game 2011: Doping Workshop

Im Rahmen der Kölner "Play the Game"-Konferenz stehen die ersten Videos aus den hochklassig besetzten Workshops zur Verfügung. Anbei ein kleiner Einblick über den Doping Workshop vom ersten Tag.
Video from the opening day of the 2011 Play the Game conference in Cologne.

The video contains the following presentations from the workshop held monday night on doping prevention:

  • Peers as role models - Peer training as a possibility to improve the credibility of the sports system, by Gerhard Treutlein
  • Treatment over punishment: Advancing new strategies in anti-doping, by John Cleaves
  • Anti-Doping strategy - A doping prevention concept for German schools, by Annika Steinmann
  • "You wan't to win, don't you?": Critical need for a psycholoogy of PED use in developing countries, by Kaveri Prakash