Donnerstag, 19. August 2021

2021 Ironman World Championship canceled

 Due to rising Corona infection numbers: 2021 Ironman World Championship to be postponed to February 5., 2022. Hawaii is currently experiencing the strongest Corona infection wave since the beginning of the pandemic. The World Championship is now scheduled to take place in February 2022.

Principle of hope
The race in February is likely to pose challenges, especially for age group athletes and also professional athletes from Europe. The form must be brought or built up over the winter, despite optionally closed sports and swimming facilities. In addition, the Sword of Damocles of "Lockdown 4.0" hovers over all qualified athletes.

Press release

2021 EDITION OF IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RESCHEDULED FOR FEBRUARY 5, 2022 DUE TO CONTINUED GLOBAL IMPACT OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC. 2021 Supersapiens IRONMAN World Championship postponed based on continuing COVID-19-related impact to Island of Hawai`i. 

IRONMAN in conjunction with local Hawai`i officials announced today that due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic to the Island of Hawai`i, the 2021 Supersapiens IRONMAN® World Championship has been rescheduled from its originally scheduled October 9, 2021 race date to February 5, 2022. Like 1982, we expect that there will be two editions of the IRONMAN World Championship in 2022 (February and October).

“The resurgence of the virus and new Delta strain has had significant impact on the island community of Hawai`i. Combined with substantial border closures and travel restrictions for qualified athletes, there is not a viable pathway in October to host the IRONMAN World Championship,” said Andrew Messick, President & Chief Executive Officer for The IRONMAN Group. “After extensive consultation with governmental and community leaders in Hawai`i, we believe that the best course of action is to delay the event until February of 2022.” 

“We have worked closely with local and state Hawai`i officials and other key event stakeholders, and are aligned in the imperative to protect our local community by shifting planning efforts to a February race date,” said Diana Bertsch, Senior Vice President, World Championship Events for The IRONMAN Group. “Our local community, athletes, partners, volunteers, and all other members of our `ohana -- who represent our Hawaiian roots and history -- feel pride and confidence in this difficult decision. We will work towards welcoming our athletes back to the Island of Hawai`i in February with the racing experience for which the IRONMAN World Championship is famous.”

“We are honored to work alongside the fantastic IRONMAN staff, amid a global pandemic, to reach an equitable solution that ensures our island’s premier sporting event may persist at a later date,” said Hawai`i County Mayor, Mitch Roth. “Since the first race in 1978, the event has become an integral part of our county’s global identity, and we look forward to welcoming the athletes and spectators from around the world to our shores once again when it is safe to do so.”

“The IRONMAN World Championship is an iconic part of our Hawai`i Island community and history.  For over 40 years, our community has supported IRONMAN and cheered on participants from all over the globe.  In return, IRONMAN has continued to support our community during these challenging times.  I am deeply grateful for IRONMAN’s $1,000,000 commitment to feed our residents in need throughout 2020 and 2021 with their Kahiau Together program. As IRONMAN continues to mālama and truly care about our island community, we look forward to welcoming the IRONMAN World Championship back in 2022 with our full support,” said State Senator Dru Mamo Kanuha.

The pandemic has greatly impacted the Hawaiian community not only through deadly cases of COVID, but also significantly hurting the local economy due to limited tourism opportunities. As the impact of the pandemic was felt in our home community where our staff and many volunteers live and work, a targeted initiative, Kahiau Together, was created alongside the IRONMAN Foundation in July 2020 to support locals who were suffering due to food insecurities. By years end, the Kahiau Together initiative will have hosted 25 events locally, serving over 132,000 meals through the distribution of food bundles of locally sourced fresh proteins, fruits, vegetables, and starches. An additional $30,000 in grants from the IRONMAN Foundation has been provided to non-profits feeding their communities. Those needing support can attend one of the following upcoming events:

Wednesday, September 1 – Kamehameha Park

A Meal Fit for a Queen – Celebrating the birth month of Queen Lili`uokalani

Monday, October 4 – Kona International Marketplace

Heroes of Hawai`i

Monday, November 22 - Kona International Marketplace

Thanksgiving Bundles

Monday, December 20 - Kona International Marketplace

Christmas Bundles

IRONMAN Athletes who are registered for the 2021 edition of the IRONMAN World Championship triathlon will be contacted directly. For more information and event details for the IRONMAN World Championship, please visit 

There are no material changes in qualifying for professional or age-group athletes for the 2022 IRONMAN World Championship. Additional information on the Kahiau Together initiative, schedule of events, grant applications, and how to support these efforts, visit

Dienstag, 2. März 2021

Equality of Opportunity versus Equality of Outcome in Sports: Cisgender Female Competitiveness under pressure

Brett Sutton, undisputedly the most successful coach in women's triathlon, has referenced in an important blog post the current legislative initiative ("H.R.5 - Equality Act") in the U.S. that will open all sports at all levels to biological XY chromosome men who define themselves as women for the purposes of the transgender discussion.

What has certainly become familiar are the images of "female rugby players" who weigh nearly twice as much as the female competition, "female basketball players" who outweigh all biological women on the court by 30-40%, and mixed martial arts fighters who break the skulls of biological women by the dozen and gloat about it on their own social media channels. 

Sutton has correctly identified that the genetic dominance of biological males in almost all sports across almost all age groups means there is an imminent danger that in a few years female professional sports at the top of the world could grind to a halt.

"If this is not addressed, within 6 years women will no longer be standing on podiums at the Olympics."

This would also make junior female athletes unavailable in the medium term, rendering obsolete such important inclusive educational initiatives for social advancement through professional sports at universities and via national teams. Argumentatively, Sutton focuses, among other things, on levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, VO2max, and muscle mass, and also introduces a purely transgender class into the discussion as a postulate. Rating: worth reading.

  1. H.R.5 - Equality Act
  2. When equal is not equal