Dienstag, 2. März 2021

Equality of Opportunity versus Equality of Outcome in Sports: Cisgender Female Competitiveness under pressure

Brett Sutton, undisputedly the most successful coach in women's triathlon, has referenced in an important blog post the current legislative initiative ("H.R.5 - Equality Act") in the U.S. that will open all sports at all levels to biological XY chromosome men who define themselves as women for the purposes of the transgender discussion.

What has certainly become familiar are the images of "female rugby players" who weigh nearly twice as much as the female competition, "female basketball players" who outweigh all biological women on the court by 30-40%, and mixed martial arts fighters who break the skulls of biological women by the dozen and gloat about it on their own social media channels. 

Sutton has correctly identified that the genetic dominance of biological males in almost all sports across almost all age groups means there is an imminent danger that in a few years female professional sports at the top of the world could grind to a halt.

"If this is not addressed, within 6 years women will no longer be standing on podiums at the Olympics."

This would also make junior female athletes unavailable in the medium term, rendering obsolete such important inclusive educational initiatives for social advancement through professional sports at universities and via national teams. Argumentatively, Sutton focuses, among other things, on levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, VO2max, and muscle mass, and also introduces a purely transgender class into the discussion as a postulate. Rating: worth reading.

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