Mittwoch, 13. März 2019

Mike Reily presents his book: Finding My Voice. Tales from Ironman, the World's Greatest Endurance Event

Mike Reilly's “Finding My Voice: Tales from Ironman, the World's Greatest Endurance Event” isn't a sports record book, it isn't a professional athletes shadowing book. It's all of them but mostly a book with 30+ years experience and memories from the finishline of various long and shorter distance triathlon races around the world.
Mike Reilly digged from more than 30 years of memories many storues from the finish lines around the globe and from IRONMAN Hawaii, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Photo: Steeplechase Entertainment Corporation

Mike the “Voice of IRONMAN” Reilly was finish line speaker of over 180 IRONMAN events, including 30 straight years of the World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. More than 350,000 athletes have heard his iconic pronouncement, “You are an IRONMAN!” as they crossed the finish line. Now it's time to listen to all the great stories and memories Mike shares with written text and great photos. Don#t have a present for a passionate athlete yet? Now you might have.

What athletes have to say:
“Every day for six months of training before Kona, as I visualized crossing the finish line, I didn't see an image, I just heard the sound of Mike Reilly's voice declaring, 'Sean Astin, you are an IRONMAN!' Just the thought of the sound of Mike's voice, saying those words, in that way, at that time, was the beacon that kept me going.” Sean Astin, actor-producer-director 
“Whether it's on race day or getting to the start line, nobody finishes an IRONMAN without a personal struggle. Mike Reilly does a masterful job of showing us why those struggles are so worth it in the end.” Mirinda Carfrae, 3 x IRONMAN world champion 
“As I hit the top of the finish ramp I heard that amazing voice and those unbelievable words, 'Hines are an IRONMAN!' Like the touchdown pass I caught to win the 2005 Super Bowl, hearing Mike Reilly declare me an IRONMAN was one of the greatest moments of my life.” Hines Ward, Super Bowl XL MVP 
“No one knows the Ironman spirit better than Mike Reilly, having witnessed firsthand countless athletes come through the finish line. This is a passionate and inspiring book that will mark the beginning of the journey for tens of thousands more.” Lionel Sanders, 2017 ITU world championship, 4 x IRONMAN champion 
“The voice and passion of Mike Reilly bringing you home lifts you up and fulfills dreams for a lifetime. You'll love discovering what's behind that passion in this book.” Dave McGillivray, Boston Marathon Race Director/DMSE Sports
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